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1 — A
— Composition of the business model and offer structure
Result: digitized scheme of all business processes of production of goods / services, which includes numerical indicators of production, sales and interaction with the end customer. The business model is accompanied by an offer with a set of characteristics and benefits that cover the needs of customers.
— Essentials of the data analysis & HADI testing
HADI (Hypothesis, Action, Data, Insights) - a technique that allows to control changes in certain metrics. When you compile the HADI model and implement the analysis, you will know how your actions affected the result, and you will be able to quickly test ideas, discarding nonworking ones.
— ABC-analysis
This is one of the methods of rationalization, which allows to determine priority areas and allocate maximum amount of time for their processing, and place the least profitable activities at the end of the queue.
2 — A
— Value proposition evaluation
We compose the model of the current value proposition of the product / service, analyse the market model and give recommendations for finalising or adjusting the proposition.
— Evaluation of the financial model of the business
We compile a financial model with key indicators of profit and expenses. The model allows to determine key indicators of the "health" of the business and to make competent management decisions.
Quality Function Deployment analysis transforms customers' needs into engineering characteristics of products, prioritizes each product / service and at the same time defines the tasks in the field of product or service development.
Customer Journey is a graph on which the points of contact of the customer with the product are marked and the client's actions, his feelings and possible problems are described. It also determines the goals and tasks of the client that he wants to accomplish with the help of the product. CJM allows to objectively analyse the experience of interaction with the product, fix and eliminate the emerging barriers, offer recommendations for improving the product.
— PCN analysis
Product Chain Network diagrams allow to disassemble the process of providing a service or selling a product based on the principles of lean manufacturing and significantly reduce losses and costs, as well as offer recommendations for improvement.
— NPS Evaluation
The NPS (Net Promoter Score) loyalty index determines the loyalty of consumers to a product or company (the willingness index to recommend) and is used to assess the readiness for repeated purchases.
— Marketing investments efficiency evaluation (ROMI) & optimisation of marketing costs
The calculation of the financial efficiency of marketing channels, the work of contractors, and recommendations for optimizing marketing budgets or finalising marketing campaigns.
— Marketing strategy (SOSTAC)
The development of the marketing strategy includes several stages: Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control, . The roadmap built on the SOSTAC model allows to predict the results and budgeting costs with reference to numerical values.
— Branding & Brand management
Formation of additional value, emotional or rational "promise" of a trademark or an immaterial product that makes it more attractive to the end customer, as well as promotion of the trademark in the market. And also the use of marketing techniques to build brand value for the consumer through the correction of its rational or emotional characteristics to increase its competitiveness and sales growth.
For Mid-Sized Business
2 — B
For Corporations
— Strategic recommendations on the volume and distribution of budgets of advertising campaigns to achieve communication and business goals (market share, sales volume, brand awareness, etc.)
— Development of marketing and communication strategies
— Marketing research (U & A, BHT, pre- & post-tests, etc.).
2 — C
We are a marketing agency operating in b2b segment services using data driven analysis and finance evaluation for cutting edge marketing strategies.
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