We are solving uncertainty, order and systematisation problems. If you need help with cutting the costs, looking for effective ad channels or finding money for investment or development — we are here for you.

Data driven marketing solutions

Make crucial marketing decisions using end-to-end analytics and real sales data.
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1 — A
— Value proposition evaluation
— Financial model evaluation & risk analysis
— PCN analysis
— NPS evaluation
— Performance measurement and customer feedback
— Marketing investment effectiveness analysis and optimisation (ROI)
— Marketing strategy (SOSTAC model)
— Branding

— Business model development and value proposition
— A\B testing and HADI
— Lead generation
— ABC-analysis
Study & consulting
На практике мы подбираем услуги для клиентов на основе предварительного аудита и реальной обоснованности внедрения того или иного решения.
Medium sized business
— Strategic recommendation on volume and budget distribution for advertisement campaigns for achieving required communication and business goals (market share, sales volume, brand recognition, etc.)
— Marketing & communication strategy development
— Marketing research (U&A, BHT, pre-& post-tests, etc.).

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Main services pool is formed once we run the basic set of evaluation procedures of your business.
We want to be sure that requested services and results will pay you off in additional profit.
We disable failing ad campaigns and look for bottlenecks in your business model.
We compare your financial model with real time data and cut excessive costs to make everything run smooth.
We evaluate your results and make sure they match the market data to make sure you are always in the green zone.
Schwarzwald Consulting utilizes an analytical approach to any management decisions. We help to develop businesses using marketing and financial analysis, risk assessment and forecasting. Each step is supported by data, and each implementation is tested.
Our work requires changes in companies, process accounting, data collection. And these changes entail a change in the processes, the style of communication with customers and the attitude to the market and business.
We will help you to shift the approach to stereotypes about financial and analytical reporting and find inefficient costs and solutions, replacing them with those that will bring you more than just hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Market research
since 2014
Business effectiveness evaluation
In the consulting market, there is an audit service - when auditors check the financial documentation and find inconsistencies. And there is an economic model service — when an electronic document is made with key financial indicators, which can be shown to a partner or an investor.
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3 — A
Result: three key growth points, a work plan for the year and a report with an assessment of the value and risks of the business.
We are in St. Petersburg, Russia, but we are doing projects all over Russia, Europe and even the USA. One of our customers is an IT startup from Los Angeles, CA.
We are a marketing agency operating in b2b segment services using data driven analysis and finance evaluation for cutting edge marketing strategies.
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